Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whytecliff Park 07/01/2014

Happy New Year! Back to diving after a wonderful holiday season!

My first dive of the year was good old Whytecliff Park. Vlad wanted to do some bottle rotation practice, and a bunch of us came along. There was Jim Dixon, myself, Vlad, and John. I paired up with John, and the tides were not quite with us this time. It was quite a low tide, and still on the way out. Jim and Vlad had extra bottles, so the current was a bit of a factor during the dive. I took our groups out to the day marker, and once we rounded the corner the current really picked up. I turned us around in short order, and we headed back. We spent most of the dive after that doing the bottle practice. I switched gas a few times with John, and we kept an eye on Vlad and Jim. I had Jim pass me a bottle, and that went quite well.

I had a great deal of fun on this dive, even though we didn't see a lot. I felt quite confident and was looking forward to another year of fun diving!

P.S. I did take some video, but my GoPro doesn't work well in the dark. However, it did turn out like a UFOs landing though!

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