Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Topline 21/12/2013

Heather and I went out with the Topline for one more dive before the New Year. It was cold again, but not as cold as the last time we were out. The hose to fill the camera bucket wasn't frozen this time! Kevin and Jan were their usual excellent hosts.

We did two dives, one on Hutt Wall, and the other on Worlcombe Island. The Hutt Wall dive was filled with the usual suspects of nudibranchs, ling cod and various crabs. We missed the rock with the octopus den at the start of the dive, but there was plenty of other things to see.

The Worlcombe Island dive was equally as good. Heather decided to stay on board, due to getting a bit more chilled than she would have liked, and I dove with Ahmed. We had met him on a previous Topline excursion, and he was a very enthusiastic and active diver. It was his 100th dive, so I was honored to pair up with him. On the dive we were able to locate a nice big octopus as a reward for his 100th dive!

Back on board, someone even brought along some sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion. Kevin and Jan handed out Sea Dragon calenders to all on board as a Christmas gift. Many thanks to them for that!

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