Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Porteau Cove 14/01/2014

Vlad and I decided to go do a scooter dive at Porteau Cove. The tides again were not the best, but since we had the scooters, that wasn't such a big issue. It was quite a low tide, and it was still going out.

It was a very nice evening, however, no rain and a big full moon. We started the dive by scootering out to the first marker buoy and descending there. On the bottom, I picked up the firehose and we followed that, then went on towards the Nakaya. With the low tide, I adjusted the depth that we scootered to the Nakaya shallower. Unfortunately, I made it a bit too shallow and we missed it. We ended up at the rockpile near the highway. Realizing that, I turned us around and went a bit deeper on the way back. The Nakaya soon loomed in front of us, and we scootered around it a few times.

We headed back and scootered around the rest of Porteau a bit. There was not a great deal to note, other than a lot of big ling cod and decorator crabs. We got back onto the firehose, and headed back. At the end of the dive, Vlad did some bottle rotation practice, and I watched. I would have done a few skills too, but I had gotten quite cold on the dive. I had forgotten how much heat you lose while scootering, and had worn a thinner undergarment. Whoops! While Vlad was doing his practice, I did see a cute little baby octopus scuttling along the bottom. He was too quick though, so I couldn't show Vlad.

I was pretty happy with my navigation during the dive. I got us to all the points we wanted to see, and ended the dive right back where we started. Not bad for being frozen!

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