Monday, January 27, 2014

Topline 25/01/2014

Vlad and I decided to go out for another dive with Sea Dragon Charters.We were planning on doing two technical dives, which meant a lot of gear! It was a pleasure to have the spacious Topline as our dive platform. Kevin and his crew were always excellent, and this time was no exception.

Here is the video compilation that I put together from the day. I hopped into the water to get some surface shots, and you can see just how great the visibility was! Vlad and I happened on a stubby squid, and a very photogenic moon jelly.

Arriving in the marina, the visibility from the dock looked stunning. We were tempted just to dive right there! Once on board, we headed to the north side of Bowyer Island for our first dive. I didn't get any video, but it was a very good dive. We came across some very large cloud sponges off the east side of the pinnacle. It showed that in Howe Sound, deeper than 100 feet, the cloud sponges continued to flourish. These specimens were about the size of an armchair.

Back on board, we had some nice soup and conversation. As we were doing two technical dives, Vlad and I requested a 2 hour surface interval. During that time, we had ample time to soak in the scenery.

The second dive was the best dive of the day, and the video above is all from the second dive. We came across a stubby squid, a moon jelly, many giant dendronotid nudibranchs, golden nudibranchs, and some great decorator crabs. The other dive teams reported octopus, and puget sound king crabs. I jumped in the water before the dive to film the other dive team leaping in, and that was a lot of fun. Without weights, a dry suit sure was buoyant!

A big thanks to Kevin and his crew for a wonderful day of diving!

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