Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Jibb 11/11/2012

I met Jim and Shawn and Greg at The Jib for some skills. They had already been out for a tech dive. When I arrived, it was rainy, cold, windy and miserable! Not a nice day. They were still in the water on their deco, so I watched their bubbles from shore. The visibility was excellent. I could see them at their 6 meter stop. Once they were out and warmed up, and finished their surface interval, we went out for some skills. I had my stage bottle with me for some practice. Greg and Shawn and Jim were working with two extra bottles each. It was a fun load of skills! I was rusty on my valve drill, and struggled to get my left post. All the gory details were on video, so I can't lie! Practicing is a very good thing...

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