Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nanaimo Wrecks 20/01/2013

I emailed Jason Kolba, and asked if he'd like to stay overnight at our place in Nanaimo then do the Wrecks the next day on the Sea Dragon. We also had along Guy, Greg, Shawn and Jim. Jim finally had his suit back from repair, and had his new scooter as well. They all planned to do a scooter and tech dive.

Christine and the Sea Dragon were great as always. They gave us sandwiches and soup, and combined with the food that Jim and I brought we had quite a feast for the surface interval.

The first dive was on the Cape Breton, and Jason and I had a great time going through a few swim-throughs and viewing the huge Cabezon that frequently rested on the deck. One bit of video I got had the fish's shadow in Jason's light beam. There were a number of very pretty cloud sponges as well. We watched the "scooter" team zoom past us at one point, which was pretty cool.

The second dive was on the Cape Breton again. Jim wanted to do some wreck penetration with Guy, and had not been through the sky lights before. Jason and I decided to spend more time on the bow instead of the stern, and do more of the swim-throughs. Since the ship was so big, and there was always so much to see, it wasn't bad doing it a second time.

One thing I have to work on more was drills in mid-water. I started to do a valve drill on the line while we were at our safety stop, and it didn't go very well! I had forgotten how challenging it was when you could not see the bottom. Anyway, something to improve on again was always good to discover.

Here is some video from the trip:

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