Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dolphin and Wall Beach 18/11/2012

Jim, Shawn and I met at Dolphin Beach near Tyee to do some skills and check out the wall there. During our exploration, we overshot the exit coming back and had to swim a hell of a ways back, against the current. Oops! Dolphin was pretty nice, with excellent visibility. After that, Jim and went to scooter Wall Beach. Shawn could only do one dive that day. I had not dove Wall Beach before, the one attempt previous was in the wrong location! This time, we got it right, and there was a lot of great topography to see with scooters. We found the various walls and reefs, but didn't find any octopus and wolf eels. It might have been because we were going so fast! Still, it was great to have a lot of trigger-time. We got pretty cold though, since the fast movement really contributes to cooling you down. Here is a short bit of video from Dolphin. I didn't do any video while scootering.

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