Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Topline Jamaican Day 14/09/2014

Heather and I went out with Sea Dragon Charters for their Jamaican Day themed trip. We spent a lot of time the night before making t-shirts and caps ringed with wool dreadlocks. I thought it turned out pretty well! This was the result, and we ended up wining two Sea Dragon t-shirts for our efforts.

Kevin and Jan made jerk chicken on a barbecue on the top deck of the boat. It was yummy!

The diving was great to. The first site we went to was Dragon's Den. We found one of the new dragon's in the aforementioned Dragon's Den.

We also were out counting rockfish for the Vancouver Aquarium. We were taking the Citizen Science diver course, and were collecting numbers for the Rockfish Survey.

The second dive was at Christie Islet. A new marker buoy had been put in by the ARSBC. Unfortunately the visibility wasn't good enough for us to find it again at the end of the dive!

In the end it was a day of an incredible amount of fun. We didn't get a lot of video, but here is some.

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