Monday, September 22, 2014

Porteau Cove Scooter Dive 16/09/2014

Vlad, John Campbell, Dan Wei and I went out for some scooter fun at Porteau Cove.

The evening could not have been better. The high tide was almost at slack, and the weather was beautiful. It was getting a lot darker at night, which I noticed when we were gearing down. I forgot my headlamp at home!

Our dive plan was for a pretty long dive. It ended up being one hour and thirty minutes. The plan was to scooter the wall past the Nakaya, then return and spend more time in the Porteau Cove proper.

At the start of the dive, even though visibility didn't seem that bad, both dive teams got separated. John and Dan ended up having their own dive, while Vlad and I explored the wall. We had planned for this contingency so there was no surprise.

On our dive, we had some very lucky encounters. One was with a stubby squid, just sitting on a rock.

The next was with a lion's mane jelly fish.

And the best encounter was with a 4 foot dogfish shark just sitting on the bottom!

We came across the remains of some old car amongst the rocky debris, a float line from some fishing gear encrusted with tube worms, and a giant pacific octopus. The octopus was under the concrete blocks in the main Porteau area.

All these encounters were captured on video.

A very fun time indeed!

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