Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Neck Point 02/02/2013

Heather and I had talked about checking out Neck Point near Nanaimo for a long time. Now that Heather had some shiny new steel 100's it seemed like the perfect time to go try them out at a nice relaxing dive site.

The day was perfect, it was a bit cold, but not raining and sunny. We started the dive going to the right of the bay. We quickly discovered a ton of frosted nudibranchs everywhere. There was a cool old log riddled with teredo worms too. The visibility was awesome as well.

On the second dive, we went to the left. We cruised through an eel grass forest that were all covered with hooded nudibranchs. One came off and did a swimming show for us. There were also a lot of small hermit crabs encrusting the grass as well.

The high point was finding two Lewis Moonsnails. This time, I made sure my camera was on! It was a great bit of video. The boulder field to the left of the bay was very interesting, looking like it would hold a lot of octopi. However, we found none.

On the surface interval, a new Nanaimo resident from Seattle asked us about diving. He had moved recently just for that reason. We gave him some ideas (the Sea Dragon was obvious), and got his business card. Maybe we'd come across him again soon!

Here is a long video clip. I had a hard time editing it down.

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