Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maple Bay Skills 24/02/2013

Greg Shawn and I met at Maple Bay to practice more skills. The day was rainy and windy, so not the best.

When I arrived I found that the UASBC was there heading out with Ogden Point dive charter. I chatted with.Jacques Mark and Keith Bossons briefly since I hadn't talked to them in some time. They died have a lot of time because they were trying to catch slack tide. There was a wreck around the corner of Maple Bay that they were going to. We reminisced a bit about how good the dive we went on at Tofino and Uculet.

Greg Shawn and I geared up and did our dive plan. At the start of the dive I saw yet another Lewis Moon snail, along with a patch of stubby squid eggs. I tied off my reel to the dock piling, and ran line out to some bricks. Shawn shot his SMB and tied it off to the brick. Then we ascended to 5 meters and did a valve drill mid water. Then we went back down and did S drills on the line. All this went well. Greg and Shawn practiced bottle rotation for the rest of the dive and I took video. I had a stage with me so I practiced some gas switches too. Visitor was not the best, maybe 10 feet.

On the second dive we did more of the same. All in all a very good day of practice.

The UASBC crew was back when we we done, and they had partial success. The first wreck was found, and visibility was about 40 feet. However weather forced them off and the next dive was in a sheltered area. Visibility there was the same that we had. Still, it looked like they had a good time.

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