Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Whytecliff Park 30/01/2018

After Diver's Weekend, I did a dive with Vlad, Nick and Michael at Whytecliff. It was King-Tide-Time, so the exchange was massive. Vlad and Nick took advantage of the water movement to do the Whytecliff Express, getting in the water at Copper Cove and coming out at Whytecliff beach. I gave them a hand getting gear over there, and dropping them off.

Michael and I had a great little dive from the bay around to the plumose gardens. We actually ended up meeting with Vlad and Nick at the end of our dive. We checked out all the octopus spots I knew, but were skunked. There were very little large fish, but a lot of small schooling yellowtail rockfish (very distinctive with the light patches along their backs). I imagined that most of the bigger fish were hiding out at deeper depths due to the king tide effects. I noticed surprisingly little current on our dive however. I was prepared to turn the dive as soon as it picked up, but it never really did. We did come across a large tanner crab, looking very creepy and spider-like.

The best part was surfacing to the giant full moon. It was almost like daylight! A great dive all in all.

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