Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kelvin Grove 30/06/2016

Kelvin Grove was so good on Sunday that we decided to go back on Thursday for an evening dive. Heather had helped get me a replacement glove system, and I was itching to try it out. I wasn't disappointed in the Kubi system, it was fantastic. Uncomplicated, reliable and easy to use. I also liked the extra dexterity from the thinner gloves as compared to the blue gloves I had used for so long. It was also really nice to take the gloves off easily.

It was a busy night at Kelvin Grove, just before Canada Day. Ocean Quest was out, and there were about 6 divers all-told (including us). The expanded parking really helped, with about 5 additional visitor spots. It was a very warm evening, and it was a bit sweaty gearing up and getting into the water, but it wasn't too bad. The surface layer was very warm (my dive computer showed 18 degrees at the end of the dive). You could really tell that it had been very sunny for the last few days. Off to the left on the rocky point there was a large group of people cliff diving. I didn't know you could get out there, and it looked like they used the rail line to walk out there. A fun long-weekend activity!

The dive was great. We did a bit of stage bottle practice, tried out Heather's black light (to cause things to fluoresce), and generally had a good dive.

We saw the same clown nudibranchs, still laying eggs.

The highlight was a large decorated war bonnet out in the open. Couldn't get much better than this! It was almost a foot long, and basically posed for us for quite a while.

There were more giant nudibranchs, and Heather saw one swimming on its own.

I think this was a bi-colored nudibranch, very pretty.

One sea star was regrowing several arms!

The fluorescence experiment worked somewhat, but we needed some additional filters. The light certainly worked!

Kelvin Grove certainly had given us some good dives, lately.

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