Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Neck Point 15/05/2016

Heather and I went over to the Island for a weekend getaway, and squeezed in a dive at Neck Point in Nanaimo. The visibility had been pretty bad in Vancouver, so we were looking forward to some Island viz. Unfortunately the viz wasn't any better! I guess it's not always better on the island.

Heather did find an amazing clown nudibranch. It was bigger than your index finger, and was probably the biggest one we had ever seen. Very pretty!

On a previous dive at Neck Point, we also found a lewis moonsnail. I had hoped to see another one, and lucky enough, we did find one at the end of the dive. It was a really nice one too. Here was the video I got of it. All in all, a great dive!

Lewis Moonsnail at Neck Point in Nanaimo May 2016 from Anton North on Vimeo.

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