Saturday, May 14, 2016

HMCS Annapolis13/03/2016

A bunch of us went out to dive the Annapolis. Jim Dixon and Guy Shockey came over from the Island, and it was a rare treat to have them over on our side of the pond.

On the first dive, I teamed up with Roz, Maeve and Salo whom I had met last year on the Thanksgiving Egmont trip. It was good to see them out. Our goal was to take readings at the Project Baseline stations. Visibility wasn't the best, so we didn't find the station at 30 meters, but we did get readings at the deck station.

On the second dive, I joined Jim and Guy for a penetration of the area near the engine room. On the entry, we all did barrel rolls into the water. I don't think mine was very graceful! It was hard to do a flip with double 130s. I led the dive, and it went well. On the way out, my reel got fouled and I had a good experience dealing with that.

In the end, it was a great day of diving. I got a bit of video here.

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