Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Porteau Cove 25/07/2015

I hadn't been out for a scooter dive in a long time, so when Vlad asked me, I was in!

We headed out to Porteau Cove to do a long planned bottom time with some decompression on oxygen. Our total dive time was about 110 minutes. For the dive, we spent most of our time going north along the wall past the Nakaya. The visibility was quite good. Scootering out along the wall show-cased just how interesting the large jagged rocks were. They weren't covered in a lot of life, but that was part of why they were cool. Interspersed in the cracks were small cloud sponges, and many many rockfish. We even came across a lone vermillion rockfish, something you didn't see often.

There were a bunch of old railroad rails, large logs, and a big lion's mane. There were tons of giant white nudibranchs, along with their ribbon egg masses.

On the way back, we stopped past the Nakaya, but the visibility there was awful. Our decompression was done after scootering past the Grant Hall and the fire hose. We amused ourselves by watching the collection of flatfish.

I was getting more used to my new glove system, but on this dive my left glove flooded. I found the problem after. The inner ring that held the glove in place had come loose. So, I would add checking that to my list of pre-dive things.

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