Saturday, March 14, 2015

Topline 01/03/2015

Sea Dragon Charters invited me out to be a dive master on the Topline, and Heather came along too. It was a fun time! We had a small group of mostly new divers.

We had two dives, one at North Bowyer and one at Halkett Wall. In between, we went over to Halkett Bay to look over the proposed sinking site of the Annapolis (current note: the sinking will go ahead, with the last injunction lifted).

Heather got some interesting pictures. There was a large tanner crab on our descent.

The best encounter was a large decorated war bonnet in a crack.

A nice little cloud sponge.

rose sea star. The link is a pretty good online species list of sea stars.

Again, there were lots of Cockerell's Nudibranchs.

Finally, there was a very cool buffalo sculpin.

We also got some short video of the sculpin, and a large acorn barnacle.

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