Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whytecliff Park 11/02/2015

I did a nice little dive with Evan Soukas and Nick Bowman at Whytecliff. I had not dove with Evan for years, having first dove with him way back when at Port Hardy. We went out around the Day Marker and encountered some very odd current. At times it was against us, then when we would turn around, it seemed to go against us again. Strange!

Nick got some good video of a big tanner crab that was out in the open. We also came across an octopus very far back in a crack, and a ling cod egg mass, minus the guarding ling cod. I sprang a crab on Evan and Nick during the dives. We did some skills at the end of the dive, and they went well. I did a gas share with a stage bottle which was good. At the end of the dive, we came across a buffalo sculpin in the shallow bay. Very cool!

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