Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Neck Point 03/10/2013

Heather and I went back to Neck Point for one dive, because the day was so nice and the tides were right.

This time the visibility was not as good as it had been previously. But we saw tons of frosted nudibranchs like before, and they seemed to be even bigger this time. There were a good deal of gobies hiding in the rocks, and evidence of octopus around, but none made an appearance. There were a lot of red rock crabs as well. I found a nice lewis moonsnail shell that I left on one of the picnic tables for some passer by.

Before the start of the dive, we gave a curious little boy a chance to look at our gear. He lost interest a lot quicker than I would have thought! How can diving equipment be boring to a little boy!

This is a small bit of video, of the large frosted nudibranchs.

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