Monday, August 20, 2012

Porteau Cove 11/08/2012

Heather and I went out to Porteau Cove to hopefully put in the last dive needed to get her new gear all sorted out. With the new p-weight sandwiched in to her back plate, it should have distributed the weight a lot better.

It was a great sunny day. Possibly too sunny, it was hot gearing up in the parking lot! When we arrived, we weren't quite sure if we'd stay at Porteau because it was incredibly busy. Also, the visibility didn't look the best, but when a parking space opened up in front of us, we decided to stay.

Once we got into the water, it was a lot cooler. We found that the visibility wasn't as bad as we thought, either. We puttered around in the shallows for a bit, and Heather felt that the new gear configuration was pretty good, so we started out to the firehose. There was enough of a current that we didn't make it to the firhose before being pushed into the pipe reef. Not a bad thing. We also came across the leaning tower of Porteau on the way. There was a nice school of perch surrounding it. The ambient light was quite nice, so it was quite nice.

We reached the concrete blocks, and I noticed Heather signalling me. I went over, and she had found a very large and nice giant pacific octopus out in the open! We spent a good amount of time watching and following it, and I got some great video. I was happy that he didn't have anywhere to hide, so we were able to observe it unobstructed for quite a while.

Here is the video:

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